Human beings can be incredibly confusing.  On one end, we can be incredibly hateful towards our fellow man, yet on the other be incredibly kind.  We will collectivize whole groups based on the actions of a few, viewing them as vile savages, with far too often horrific results.  Yet some decide to not hate those who don’t think like them, look like them, talk like them, or act like them.  Asad Shah was one man who fit into the later category.

Until this morning, I had never heard of the man, until an article about him popped up in my Facebook feed.  In the article there was a video from his YouTube channel.  Out of curiosity I clicked on it, plus a few others.  In each one, the picture may be blurry, and the audio fuzzy, yet if you sit and listen carefully he preaches a very important message.  A soft spoken man, Asad brought forth a message of peace, nonviolence, and loving one another to create a “Heaven on Earth.”

Sometimes a customer would walk into his shop, and it was very clear he practiced what he preached, even handing out Christmas and Easter cards with personal messages on them.  Clearly he believed in the virtues of customer service.

Some may be wondering how writing about a devout Muslim could possibly be about liberty.  It is correctly pointed out that there are parts of Islam, as well as Judaism and Christianity that don’t exactly jive with the ideas of liberty.  Yet Shah’s message of peace and love is perhaps more important than being emancipated from the bonds of politics.

Yes, it is true that is important to free oneself from the harsh chains of political masters, but if you do not free yourself from the bonds of hatred, it is only a matter of time before you slip back into the trap of Statism.  This can clearly be seen among “libertarians” and “anarchists” who have decided that it is necessary to support Donald Trump.  They may have believed themselves to be “free” because they rightly criticized the State, yet they failed to escape the more difficult chains of hate, and thus fell back into the trap.  The State thrives on dividing people into groups, as that makes them easier to control, and hatred is one of its most important tools in keeping humanity enslaved.  If you truly want to be emancipated from Statism, you cannot simply stop at politics and “authority,” but also hatred, for the State can still enslave those with hatred in their hearts.