Today after doing a little research on the current situation outside of Burns, Oregon, I came across a US Geological Report on the mineral deposits in Harney County.

Now, you may be wondering why this would have anything to do with what’s going on over here, but it does.  Since the 1970s the BLM and other alphabet soup agencies have been pressuring ranchers to sell their land, often for pennies on the dollar.  In one case, ranches were deliberately flooded to force them to sell.  The US government wants the land not because they care about endangered species, but so they can use it as collateral for debt and or sell the land to private corporations to extract the resources.

The Hammond Ranch is potentially sitting on deposits of gold, natural gas, and uranium, and the Hammonds may very well own the mineral rights on their land, thus why they have been under pressure to sell their land to the Feds.  The Hammonds are one the last families out there, and they’ve been rather stubborn in refusing to sell their land.  Since they weren’t cooperating, the Government reached into its bag of dirty tricks.

In 2001, Dwight and Steve Hammond started a controlled burn to deal with invasive plant species on their land.  The fire got out of control and burned 125 acres of BLM land, which they put out themselves.  Then, in 2006, they started a back fire to protect themselves from lightning fires in the area.  Since they had a history of burning the King’s Land, oops, “public property,” the government decided to arrest and charge them with arson under The Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.  After a kangaroo trial, Dwight and Steve were found guilty of arson and were sentenced to the mandatory minimum  of five years, as well as a fine.  The fine was paid and they went to prison, but were released before completing the five years.  The government though still wants to control their land, and yet the Hammonds won’t sell.  So, after reviewing the case, the government decided that they needed to finish out their sentence, and after they complete the sentence, the ranch will be struggling, and the Hammonds will be forced to sell for pennies on the dollar.

The Hammonds, deciding they don’t want any trouble, have decided to turn themselves in, but beforehand a group of protesters, led by Ammon Bundy of the now famous Bundy Ranch in Nevada decided to occupy an abandoned building on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  Almost imediately afterwards, the corporate media did the bidding of its master and labeled the people as “domestic terrorists.” By using that term, progressives will transform into violence advocating authoritarians.

Progressive 1- Hey man, did you hear about those domestic terrorists in Oregon?

Progressive 2- Yeah, I think I saw something like that that on Huff Post.  Obama should just launch a drone strike to deal with these people.

Progressive 1- I agree completely.  

Both then pull out their Iphones and post using the hashtags #Oregonunderattack and #YallQaeda.

If the US government decides to come in guns a blazin, they can be fairly confident the backlash won’t be as harsh, since progressives have panic attacks over domestic terrorism, kind of like conservatives have panic attacks over Islamic terrorism, even if both are blown way out of proportion.

This is much bigger than who is and who isn’t a terrorist.

This is much bigger than protecting plants and wildlife, that the world’s largest polluter in the long doesn’t care about.

This is even bigger than a bunch of flag waving idiots arguing with flag waving idiots over who should control what.

This is about a criminal institution using divide and conquer tactics to keep their various con games and wars of conquest going.