For the past thirteen and a half years, a massive war has taken place in the heart of the Middle East.  A multi sided conflict was initiated, after the United States of America decided it was a “good idea” to “liberate” Iraq from Saddam Hussein (who on a side note was originally backed by the United States in the 1980s, and was a truly horrible person.)

Spurred on by false intelligence about “Weapons of Mass Distruction,” the civilian “leadership” in Mordor on the Potomac convinced the military that if America didn’t overthrow Saddam “Adolf Hitler” Hussein, he would unite “the forces of evil” and annihilate the United States of America!  “Sir yes sir!” said the military, and the invasion began.

With Iraq’s military in complete shambles from years of sanctions, as well as a massive defeat more than a decade earlier at the hands of the United States, the American military juggernaut rolled through Iraq’s defenses in the southern Iraqi desert, and marched right into the capital city of Baghdad.  Meanwhile in the north of the country, with the Iraqi army focusing all of its attention on the south, Kurdish militants swooped down from their mountain strongholds and took over much of northern Iraq.

With the conclusion of that phase, the United States called up a diplomat and former managing director of Kissenger and Associates named L Paul Bremer, as well a retired Colonel named James Steele to begin the process of “de Baathisization,” and setting up a friendly government in Baghdad.  Steele meanwhile was a veteran of Iran Contra, who had previous experience training death squads in Central America, and decided to repeat the same process in Iraq, only this time, utilizing Iranian backed Shia militants to become the core of the Iraqi Security Forces.  Meanwhile, many Sunni Iraqi soldiers now out of a job quickly became disillusioned, and initiated an insurgency in western Iraq, eventually being called “Al Qaeda in Iraq.”

With daily mortar attacks, suicide bombings, and IED attacks, American casualties began to climb, and by the fall of 2006, the war in Iraq was completely dominating media headlines, and some comparisons to Vietnam were beginning to unfold.  Seemingly at its wits end, the US government turned to General David Petraeus to calm things down, with a two phase operation.  The first involved a massive increase in military and contractor personal in Iraq, which then allowed the Shia militants to complete their ethnic and religious cleansing of southern Iraq.  The second phase involved bribing Sunni tribal elders to get them to convince young Sunni men to lay down their Kalashnikov’s, and that they soon would be incorporated into the political and security apparatus in Iraq.  As with all things in Iraq, that plan managed to backfire as well, as the Shia government in Baghdad said “absolutely not,” and the Sunnis in western Iraq once again became disillusioned, but this time waited for a more opportune time to strike back.  That came when President Barack Obama proclaimed “victory” and began to pull out the bulk of American forces.  Soon thereafter, freshly armed, rested, and completely pissed off Sunni militants restarted Iraq’s sectarian civil war.  Without the US military holding their hands, the Iraqi army began to crumble, ceding territory to the militants at an accelerated rate, and things culminated when Islamic State militants in a convoy lead by suicide car bombs, and followed by a seemingly endless supply of brand spanking new armor reinforced Toyota Hiluxes, rolled right on into the city of Mosul in the summer of 2014.

Meanwhile in Syria, a war had been going on since 2011, and whose origins can be traced back to a series of cables sent to the US embassy in 2006, in which they were told to begin preparing the country for regime change, and then enacting those plans if Syrian president Bashar al Asaad decided to not go along with a Saudi-Qatari plan to build a pipeline that would ultimately cut out Russia and Iran almost completely from the European market.  Asaad, allied with Russia and Iran, said “thanks, but no thanks,” and the process of regime change started, with a series of escalating protests, that turned into riots spurred on by mystery snipers.  Before long, a shooting war broke out, and soon thereafter Al Qaeda militants (pro democracy Libyan freedom fighters) began to pour into Syria through Turkey, and the fighting went back and forth for the next couple of years.

By August 2013, the two sides had reached somewhat of a stalemate, and the Al Qaeda centered rebels were getting a little frustrated and decided that it was time to launch a chemical weapons attack, and then blame it on the Syrian Army.  So they did just that in Ghouta, Syria, and immediately following that, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, began shouting that “Asaad had finally “crossed the ride line, and it was time for him to go.”  They, and their loyal presstitues at the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and NPR began to demand that the US military initiate a bombing campaign to help the Al Qaeda freedom fighters other throw Asaad, following which, rainbows, ponies, unicorns, and pots of gold would spring up all over Syria, and all would be well.

That plan to bomb Asaad out of Damascus never came to fruition.  Consistently, polls showed that 95% of Americans were completely uninterested in fighting a war, they likely couldn’t find on a map.  The military itself was a completely uninterested in acting as Al Qaeda’s air force for the second time, after doing so in Libya.  Obama’s plans continued to unravel when British intelligence services were able to get samples of the gas in Ghouta over to their labs at Porton Down in Wiltshire England.  The results found that the samples taken from their did not match those in the Syrian Army.  The door to bomb Syria was finally shut at the eleventh hour when Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov convinced Asaad to give up his army’s stockpile of chemical weapons, just to be completely safe.

“But wait, only Asaad’s forces could have possibly had access to chemical weapons?”  False.  In May 2013, militants from Jabhat al Nusra aka Jabhat Fateh al Sham aka Al Qaeda in Syria were arrested in southern Turkey with 2 kilograms worth of sarin gas.  More information about weapons shipments, and chemical weapons attacks can be found in Seymour Hersh’s article “The Red Line and the Rat Line” from April 2014.

So the fighting continued, day after day, month after month, year after year.  In August 2014, Obama unilaterally declared war on the Islamic State primarily because they were starting to but into Kurdish zones in northern Iraq and Syria, and therefore had to be stopped before they got anymore ideas.  A bombing campaign was begun, and the US Department of Defense began to send supplies to Kurdish fighters battling the Islamic State, as well as “vetted moderate Syrian rebels,” plus of course the sectarian Shia Iraqi government, and our old friends the Iraqi Shia militia.  Like all US plans to fix things in the Middle East as a result of prior US plans to fix the Middle East, this plan was also an exercise in stupidity and evilness.

First, the Kurds just so happen to be the avowed enemies of Turkey, a major US ally in the region.  Second, so called “moderate rebels” in Syria, are just that, existing in the minds of Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and the rest of the gang of lunacy.  In reality, the “moderates” are simply put the weapons and money procurement wing of Al Qaeda in Syria.  Third, by backing sectarian extremists, it leads to ethnic cleansing, and potentially genocide if things really get out of hand.

By the time summer 2015 came, the government seemed to be on its last legs, as a combination of poor tactics, and an seemingly endless supply of weapons for the Al Qaeda militants had begun to take a serious toll.  In the Idlib province, they were making major gains, and were in a position to potentially cut Damascus off from the rest of Syria.  At this point in the war, Russia entered the fray on the side of Asaad with a message to the US: “Nyet means Nyet.”  The Russians began a bombing campaign and the Syrian Army and its allies on the ground began to reverse gains made by the head chopping, suicide car bombing, Zawahiri loyalist freaks.  Most recently, the Syrian government recaptured the eastern half of Aleppo, and now controls the major population centers in the country.

Yes, Asaad is no saint by any means imaginable, nobody in this multi-sided conflict is.  According to the MSM however, Asaad is “Hitler,” and is controlled by Putin, who is also “literally Hitler.”  (On a side note, how “Hitlers” are there in the world?)  Until recently, they were saying that 100,000 plus civilians in a tiny portion previously rebel held Aleppo.  If that were true, like Saddam’s WMDs, that would have made it the most densely populated area on the planet.   However, they don’t have anybody on the ground, as they know full well it isn’t safe to embed journalists with Al Qaeda, they just won’t tell you that.  Instead, they rely on questionable sources, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one man operation based in Coventry, England, as well as the “White Helmets,” who have been documented on multiple occasions along side Al Qaeda and other terrorist militants in Syria, and anonymous “activists.”  It’s a game of he said she said, that her cousin’s friend said that…  Actual evidence and reporting be damned.  Meanwhile, the US government continues to back multiple sides, much like the Iran Iraq war thirty years ago

As a result of US overt and covert intervention in Iraq and Syria, aka “Syraqia, over a million people have lost there lives.  If one were to include the Iraq Sanctions, Gulf War I, and the Iran Iraq war (a war in which the US backed both sides), the deaths caused by US intervention in those countries is potentially more than 3 million.  The moral of this tragedy is: do not meddle in the Middle East, for all that follows is death and destruction.  Unfortunately for everybody involved, Donald Trump isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, as is evidenced by his picks for Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense.  Proposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson favors better relations with Iran and Russia, likely in large part of him being ExxonMobil’s CEO, but nevertheless, peace through commerce is a good thing, especially when it involves the two most heavily states in the world.  On the other hand  retired Marine General James Mattis has a decades long grudge against Iran.  So instead of embracing sanity, we now get to look to forward to more.

In the meanwhile, the criminals in Washington DC will go their merry ways, off to collegiate appointments, book deals, and speech tours because the system protects itself, even when it breaks its own rules.  The rest of humanity be damned.  To quote Scottish poet Walter Scott: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”