There is an interesting phenomenon in American electoral politics (and other countries for that matter) known as “voting for the lesser of two evils.”   It goes like this: “candidate A is really horrible, but candidate B is so bad, that I am going to vote for A because B scares me too much.”  The script is then flipped for those who support candidate B.

Of course, this view is completely absurd; evil is evil, no matter what kind of positive light you try to spin it in.  By voting for the lesser evil, all you are doing is simply delaying the materialization of that evil.  In the end, supporting evil leads to evil, yet why do millions of people fall for this trap?

Some may chalk this phenomenon up to a lack of principles among the electorate, and while this is certainly true of many politicians, it does not truly strike the root of the problem.  A person’s view of the world, and thus their principles can, and do evolve as more knowledge is gained.  I certainly am testament to this.


If the problem is not a lack of principles, then what exactly is it?  The answer lies deep inside of people, hidden by rhetoric, and shrouded in misinformation.  It is the ideology of fear.  It is fear that leads to anger and hate, which leads to supporter “lesser evil candidates,” which ultimately leads to evil entrenching itself ever more deeply.

Take for example a recent study done by the Pew Research Center.  That study found that 55% of Democrats, and 58% of Republicans viewed the other in an extremely negative light.  Going even further, 41% of Democrats, and 45% of Republicans view the other as directly threatening the well being of the nation.  The end result is the majority of the minority (only 9% of the population actually voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the primaries) end up putting the lesser evil in power according to their world view.

That fear is then used to justify committing acts of violence against other people.  Donald Trump uses the fears of white working class people to advocate removing millions of people from their homes, restricting trade, and endless war in the Middle East.  Hillary Clinton likewise uses the same fear to justify endless war in the Middle East, possible war with Russia, as well the fear of “progressives” about a Donald Trump Presidency.  That fear even has an affect on the lives of pre born human children, as Hillary Clinton, and her supporters at Planned Murderhood (Parenthood) encourage women to have someone kill their pre born children if they fear “they’re not ready.”

The power elite use the ideology of fear to control other people, and get them to support and commit violent acts against other human beings.  That fear steers people away from the very thing that has the power to advance humanity in a positive, peaceful direction: individualism, which of course is not about being “selfish,” but recognizing that each and every human being is a unique and irreplaceable person with hopes and dreams their very own.  It does not matter what part of the world they live in, or how old they are, what matters is that they are a fellow human being just like you and me.

Reject fear, hate, anger, and the violence that it leads to.  Embrace peace and freedom for all.