Note: This piece is satire and should not be taken seriously.

*The left to right writing system oppresses me!  I, as a left handed person have a very difficult time with the western writing system.  As I right, I have to contort my body to get the right angle and form the words.  It hurts my hand,my neck, and my back.

Cursive is impossible, as I can never get the letters quite right, never mind actually reading what I wrote.

Dry erase markers can burn in hell.  Fountain pens are impossible to use and should be outlawed.  Whenever I see someone using a fountain pen, I am triggered and must go to a safe space with other left handed people.

This is a terrible injustice!  Solving this oppression is doable though.  First, laws must be made banning fountain pens and dry erase markers.  Both have caused much anguish and smearing.  Second, mirror writing should be a mandatory subject in school.  Third all right handed people should be made to use there left hand at least one day a week to know the oppressive nature of the Western Writing System.

End of satire.

*I originally wrote this piece with a fountain, and yes I am left handed for most tasks that require fine motor skills.  Thankfully, the market solved the issue of fountain pens by producing left handed ones.