Rape is one of the most horrifying acts a person can go through.  Sometimes that rape results in pregnancy.  Often times, a pregnant rape victim will opt for an abortion, hoping that the horrible memories will go away.  However, one Alabama teenage rape victim decided that the life of a child, her child outweighed its father’s crime.

Things were progressing along, and soon a healthy baby boy was born.  The mother opted for a natural birth and not to mutilate here baby’s genitals.  Everyone thought that they could go home soon, but they were mistaken.  Two days later, another nightmare began.  Right after the child finished breast feeding, a Shelby Baptist Medical Center Social Worker took him away from his mother.

The family asked for a reason why the child was taken from them.  The answer was vague: “it’s protocol.”  When documentation of this “protocol” was requested, none was given.

Noe it may asked, why didn’t the family just leave?  Whenever a baby is born in a hospital, an alarm band is placed on the child.  The child cannot go home until that band is removed.  Supposedly, this is to protect the child from being kidnapped.  That is, unless it’s the government doing the kidnapping.  Just before Braelon was taken from his mother’s arms, a nurse came into the hospital room saying she was taking him to remove the band.  Braelon’s mother made one very simple request: remove the band in her presence.  Instead of agreeing, the nurse stormed out of the room.  Moments later, several police officers, hospital guards, and social workers took the baby away.

The family asked for proof of a warrant, but were told in this case it wasn’t needed.  According to Alabama Law, a child may be taken from its family if there is clear evidence that the child’s life is in danger.  The mother has no history of drug and alcohol abuse, and according to the hospital staff was doing a very good job at being a mother.  Clearly, the child was in no danger of any sort of abuse.

Already breaking state law, Alabama CPS then broke federal law.  When a child is taken into CPS custody, they must be placed in the care of the nearest family member, but even this was ignored, and the family has no idea where Braelon is.  Visitation will not be permitted until a hearing is performed.

Alabama CPS claimed they took Braelon away over “safety concerns.”  However, a child is six times more likely to die under the care of CPS than with their family.

As for the actual rapist, he has been identified, and is still walking free.  What sort of psychopath dreams up a justice system where rapists walk free, and the children of their victims are taken from them?