In just a few weeks, I will be the magical age of 21.  According to the wise and wonderful government, I will be able to consume, purchase, produce, and even sell alcoholic beverages, provided of course that I have “magical pieces of paper.”  For most of the rest of the world, I could have been legally drinking for a few years now.  Take for example Germany where Beer and Wine are legal at 16 and liquor at 18, and everyone is just fine.  In America this is seen as insane, but America’s absurd drinking age causes far more problems than it prevents.

America’s High Drinking Age Creates a Binge Drinking Culture

Across America, minors clamor to “house parties.”  Cheap booze flows freely, as well as vomit and a few other things.  This leads to everyone at the party waking up with a pounding hangover in the best scenario, and in some cases leads to people dying.  When someone drinks too much, they need medical attention, but if someone calls an ambulance, there will be a large risk that everyone will end up being arrested.  When alcohol was prohibited for everyone in the 1920s, the exact same thing occured.  It didn’t stop drinking, it just led to people drinking dangerous amounts.

It Doesn’t Save Lives

As was mentioned above, having a high drinking age doesn’t actually save lives.  The original intent of the law was to prevent young people from being killed in drunk driving accidents.  Mother’s Against Drunk Driving led a campaign in the late 70s and early 80s to raise the drinking and the government, forgetting all of the problems prohibition caused went along.  The reasoning was this: if we raise the drinking age to 21, then less people will die from drunk driving accidents.  Supporters of this lunacy will cite studies showing that “alcohol causes brain damage” and less people are dying in drunk driving accidents since the age was raised.  While it is true that large amounts of alcohol can lead to brain damage, moderate consumption may actually be good for your brain.  As for saving lives, more lives have been saved by car manufactures producing cars with better safety features, such as air bags.

That all being said, it is possible to largely eliminate the problem of binge drinking, with one simple step.

Abolish The Drinking Age

First and foremost, the drinking age not only needs to be lowered, it needs to be completely abolished.  Just because someone is under 21, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to enjoy a drink.  The fact that house parties exist should make this obvious.  By getting rid of the drinking age, you are getting rid of the “forbidden fruit” aspect of alcohol.  Instead of binge drinking, young people would be able to drink in public, where they can be monitored by their parents and community members.

But There Would Be Chaos In The Streets!

No, no, and no, getting rid of a well intentioned, but clearly idiotic law won’t lead to chaos, and could very well lead to less.  Making alcohol available to anyone makes it a family oriented affair and lead to a much better, more safer drinking culture.  With minors not banned from consuming alcohol, parents would be more inclined to give them a beer or glass of wine at meal times, without running the risk of being arrested.  Like riding a bike, driving, and numerous other things, alcohol consumption could be gradually introduced in a much safer environment than what it is today