Dear Progressives:

Tuesday’s Presidential Elections result has many of you in shock.  “How could this have happened,” you asked yourself.  For sure, it seems quite perplexing that someone as polarizing as Donald Trump could have possibly been elected.  It seemed like Trump was running a campaign based solely on trolling other people, and despite some of his rhetoric, and seemingly convoluted speeches, you openly chose to ignore all the warning signs that were pointing in his favor.

The Economic Factor

Eight years  ago when Barack Obama was elected President, one of the primary reasons people flocked to him was due to majors concerns about the economy.  However, for many Americans, those concerns were never answered.  The jobs that were promised to return never came back, or ones that were far less desirable only came about.  For many, they simply gave up looking for work, thereby distorting the economic reality of millions of Americans.  Of course, we live in a different economic world than the previous decade(s) with the rise of the peer to peer economy, however, for a middle aged, working class person, this is a new phenomenon, and one they don’t understand.  They still have two or three decades of work left in them, and many of them have families they need to support.  Along comes Donald Trump promising them their jobs would come back to them , and because of that, people flocked to him.  Of course, many of his supporters do not realize that those same factors cause people in Latin America to quite literally risk their lives to get a better life here in America, and Hillary’s support of poorly constructed trade deals caused many of them to act in desperation.

The Democratic National Committee

After two straight victories, the DNC got complacent, and in this election the Republican National Committee ran strategic circles around them.  Complacency is a dangerous thing, but more importantly, the DNC was exposed to all as a corrupt organization, hell bent on jamming a candidate down people’s throats.  They rigged the Democratic Party’s primary process leading up to the general election, in order to get scandal plagued Hillary Clinton in a position where she could be elected.  Those emails published by Wikileaks were not “whoppers,” and you can be sure that they influenced many people in the 8th.

Foreign Policy Blowback

Newsflash: Barack Obama did not in fact end the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq.  There are still US forces occupy Afghanistan, and there are special forces on the ground in Iraq, attempting to help the Iraqi government reverse gains by the Islamic State.  Furthermore, Barack Obama’s “brilliant” foreign policy team decided it would be a fantastic idea to start civil wars in Libya, Syria, and Yemen, sparking not only a wave a refugees, but also a series of terror attacks.  America, as well Russia’s bombing campaigns have led to a lot of innocent men, women, and children dying.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s the audio of Pulse Night Club Shooter Omar Mateen’s 911 call.  The very first thing he tells the dispatcher after pledging allegiance to the Islamic State is to say that America’s bombing campaign is leading to a lot of innocent civilians dying.  Chickens eventually come home to roost, and no, it does not justify his actions.  An innocent person being killed is always wrong, no ifs, ands, or buts.  Because of the American habit of starting the story in the middle, millions of Americans felt scared, and flocked to a candidate promising to protect them, even if most of them do not understand why terror attacks happen.

Your attitude and behavior

Throughout the election cycle, many of you repeatedly labeled Trump supporters as bigoted, racists, who were also homophobic and sexist, and while some of them do deserve that label, many of them do not, and repeatedly calling them names drove the less extreme ones towards him.  Furthermore, there’s a small minority of progressives who decided that it is acceptable to riot, loot, and destroy private property whenever they don’t get what they want.  To be blunt: a lot of you have acted like a toddler when he doesn’t get his way.  People saw that, and your obsession of “safe spaces” (see: Jim Crow Laws for a historical parallel), where people who are different from you were not allowed, and it drove millions of Americans towards Donald Trump.

Ignorance and hypocrisy

More than ten years ago, progressives did a pretty good job protesting all of the corruption, and warmongering, and other crimes of the Bush Administration, but as soon as Barack Obama took office, you declared victory, kicked up your feet, and stopped paying attention.  You ignored the Federal Reserve giving trillions of dollars to foreign and domestic banks.  You ignored, as then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped to facilitate a weapons deal to Saudi Arabia, a bastion of progressive hope, where being gay is a crime punishable by death.  You chose to stay ignorant as Obama and his foreign policy team started multiple wars in North Africa and the Middle East.  You ignored whistle blowers, and dissenters being thrown in cages for reporting on crimes committed by the US government.  You conveniently forgot that Barack Obama is directly responsible for the death of 16 year old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, while he was visiting family in Yemen, and he did not even say: “I’m sorry.”  The only thing that was said, was: “he should have had a better father,” by then press secretary Robert Gibbs.  You chose to forget, that Obama signed indefinite detention without trial into law, and allowed warrant less wiretapping on Americans.  You refused to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton has been a fervent supporter of every single war since the mid 1990’s, only going back on that support when it was politically convenient for her, and supported the Iraq sanctions that directly led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent children.

You want to know how I know all of this?  For the first few years of his presidency, I chose to ignore as Mr. “Hope and Change,” repeatedly went back on promise after promise, until I realized how hypocritical I was being, calling out the crimes of one side, but ignoring the crimes of the side, that at the time, was a fervent supporter of.  No, instead of staying informed and vigilant, you let your guard down, and decided to live in a BuzzFeed echo chamber, and I guarantee that if Hillary Clinton won the election, you would have continued the same behavior.  Yes, Donald Trump has a long list of problems of his own, but ignoring the problems of your preferred candidate makes you a hypocrite, and perhaps you should have thought twice about voting when you’re that ignorant.   No, Donald Trump will not “Make America Great Again,” but there are very real reasons why the very face of the political establishment lost, and the only ones to blame are yourselves.

What now?

Imagine this scenario: Hillary Clinton was the first to reach 270 electoral college votes, but Donald Trump managed to win the popular vote, with all other factors remaining the same.  Now, try to imagine how all of those people, who did not, and do not support Hillary would have felt if a corrupt, war mongering criminal got into to power.  It’s not very nice to have a leader forced onto you, don’t you think.  Furthermore, does it really make sense to throw your support behind a system that depends on the “right person” being put into power?  Do you realize how dangerous that potentially is?  In the meanwhile, you are perfectly welcome to join me in opposition to Mordor on the Potomac. I only ask that you stay consistent in that opposition.